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Hello 495
February 23 2008 Contributor: Domagoj

How about a concert in Croatia? :-)

Thank You 493
February 8 2008 Contributor: Nathalie

I just wanted to say - Thank You - for the music, the words, the imagery, the depth, the simplicity, the harmony, the wonderful wonderful bass lines and arrangements. All have added up to a wonderful 30 years of listening without which my inner life would have been immeasurably the poorer.

N xx

Barcelona Concert, 28 January 2008 492
January 30 2008 Contributor: Carlos Olabe

Dear Linda & Chris

I just want to thank you for the magnificent concert last Monday night. The sound the guitars, the voices and the incredible filling by Matt with the violin and mandolin made the feelings grow back again and feel the spirit

Time is passing by and we are getting older and wiser... I guess but the feelings are even deeper and the consciousness is higher

Thank you for the music from all those years..

That was my third time I saw Magna Carta live, the first was with Tom Hoy at the time of 'Prisoners on The Line' (By the way when is going to be released as CD ? - Fantastic Album!)

Some time later at the time of 'No truth in the Rumour' I saw Magna again - both times in Bilbao which is my town... Yes, I was the one who took a plane around 7 pm, attended the show , got up at 5:00 am get another plane and by 8:00 o'clock I was at work........... but with the spirit uplifted

Sincerely . Love

Barcelona Concert, January 28 491
January 29 2008 Contributor: xavi

Last night with a couple of friends we went to "Luz de gas" to hear you again. It was almost twenty years ago we hear you and your marvellous music in Barcelona for the first time.

I write now to tell you how fantastic it was, and how much we appreciate your art. Thank you!

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