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Nettlebed: February 2008 499
February 26 2008 Contributor: Trevor Jones

Hi Chris, Linda, Matt & Lee!

Thoroughly enjoyed my first Magna Carta concert last night. Why I've left it so long I don't know other than not really checking the folk club scene until recently. I first became aware of Magna Carta when I saw you (well, Chris) on late night TV back in 1973/74 I suppose, performing Lord Of The Ages. As a 15 year old just getting into rock music, I was transfixed by this incredible epic but didn't catch who you were. Fast forward a year or so and I was in school and saw a girl from my class with this album under her arm. The title rang a bell and the penny dropped. She lent me "Lord Of The Ages". I bought it a bit later which was a rare accolade for you: apart from Lindisfarne (I'm from the North East originally) it was the only folk album I bought for many many years - the naivety of youth! I've gradually collected your back catalogue and another accolade for you was when I found a copy of your very first album and paid my 2nd highest amount ever for it (1.50 less than Ten Years After's first album!). Anyway, having finally seen you live, it's a real shame that you're calling it a day next year: hope I can catch you again before the fateful day! My wife also enjoyed last night (you were better than the Acoustic Strawbs was her blunt assessment although they were good as well) as did the two friends I brought who had never heard of you! They have now and are happier for it! Good luck and thanks again for a great night.


Nettlebed 25th Feb 2008 498
February 26 2008 Contributor: James Morello

Dear Chris, Linda, Matt and Lee.

Great to see and hear you guys again, you just get better and better ! (If thats possible!).

Another great night, thank you very much.

Chris, loved Ordinary Man, get the other fifteen songs you told us about polished up and lets have a new album !

Looking forward to seeing you all at Grassington, thanks for signing the CDs.

Take Care


Nettlebed, February 25th 497
February 26 2008 Contributor: Colin

What a fantastic concert! Absolutely brilliant, in our experience you just get better each time we see you - and the highlight for me was Chris' solos - an album please Chris, when you've got time that is..... :o)

Norwegian Musician, Interested in M Carta.. 496
February 24 2008 Contributor: Haakon Ellingsen

Ive recently discovered Magna Cartas music and like it a lot!
Im interested in tour-dates.. and especially if the band is visiting Norway: Ill be interested..
All the best! H.E

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