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Love the music 503
April 6 2008 Contributor: Derek McNulty

Lord of the ages and Seasons.........great music

Hello - how you doing! 502
March 30 2008 Contributor: Bill Smith

Hi Chris
It's a very long time since you and I shared a stage (come on you remember me - bill the drummer!Tring consevative club 197????/1980???? Richard/Norman Bragg) Just had lunch with Norman and you were mentioned in dispatches. Would love to hear from you, those were the days!.
All the best.
Bill Smith

Making Contact with Chris 501
March 14 2008 Contributor: eddy odden

Hi Chris..........great to tallk to you prior to your tour to South Africa

Please get in contact ....we would like to see you here in Oz

Eddy and Val

119 Landsborough Parade
Golden Beach,
Queensland 4551


Look forward to hearing from you

Eddy and Val Odden

Nettlebed - Again 500
February 27 2008 Contributor: Alan

Third concert in a year - Bedford and two at Nettlebed. Why are they always an hour's drive away? Oh well, it's so worth it.

This is the first time I have seen Lee - what a great start to the evening with "Blues for a long road home" (which I have on the Grassington album)- and it went on from there.

Hope to see you a few more times before the end - maybe at home in Grassington and I would love to spend a weekend in Texel and then the farewell concert is a must! I guess they will all be more than an hour from Watford :-)

Thanks again.

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