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A touch of class in Oxfam!!!!! 514
April 30 2008 Contributor: Justin Frank

It's 38 years since I bought "Seasons" (and loved it) and lo and behold, a Magna Carta CD in Oxfam in Diss. I've played it continually in the car for the last month and I cannot believe how fresh you guys sound. Chris has to be the finest guitarist on the planet I'm buying the missing albums now..(everything since "Seasons"!!!).

laugh 513
April 29 2008 Contributor: Sue Kruithof

you were really great today on rijnmond with Hans .Chris i think Hans has met his match with you ,made my day .Couldnt stop laughing pity your not coming to Capelle ad ijssel (which is very close to Rotterdam).keep making the great music XXXXXXXXXXXXXXSue

Love 512
April 27 2008 Contributor: Trees Hammer

Magna Carta, i have special memory's , almost like a fairytale, i'l love the way you're band can create another world.

What a Fantastiche Avond!!! 511
April 26 2008 Contributor: May

What een Gezellige Avond Zeg!! en dan ook en nog what!!! LMAO!! 40 jaar ben je der all, en nog noit eerder goed van gehoord- natuurlijk herinnerde ik nog well wat van dat mooie muziek from back living in Amsterdam- maar dan ben ik ook nog maar bijna 20, en dat was dan 15 jaar geleden!!!!! WHAT an experience!!! Thank you all so much- :)) :-)) U speak vividly through ure music- like the instruments are an extention of u! Beautiful!! Not often have I cried and then laughed out loud so hard, and so much in one evening through music :-)) :-)) Hartelijk Bedankt allemaal!! LOL- Wish you all the Best, (zijn julie toe-vallig nog in Amsterdam volgende week vrijdag? (2/05) ;-) ;-) LMAO! After all it is such a small world ;-) XXXXX

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