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The count down has started (volume 2) 520
May 13 2008 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Fawlty Towers and in between telling Linda to tune again. Lovely having new strings on a hot summer night. Fortunately she had also her private food-bath at hand, also known as Bodhran or bedpan. Matthijs seemed to be cured of leaping about (or was fed up with all the 'wonderful' knickers thrown his way on the previous tour) and he did what he is paid for: playing virtuoso on his violin and mandolin (at least, I think that if you play that well you're way past your traineeship > Matthijs no thanks, you've got my e-mail, I still fit in the under 46!!).
The stories were old and the stories were new, adding the typical MC-touch to the evening. And not in the last place, the music was wonderful again. You love Paradise Row, we do too. Everytime I hear something new in the way you play it. To cut a long story short: thanks for again a beautiful evening. See you again next time around with 'the addicts of the east' and on your final performance on May 11th 2009 in Carré, when the count down will end and all that remains are the dreams (or the CD's, DVD's and books for the ones who have listened to Chris's advice).
Dorothea & Bart

The count down has started! 519
May 13 2008 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Sunday May 11th, D-day in Arnhem this time, the start of the final campaign, the last year ever we will be able to see the fabulous three on tour. And we were there and at some point MC realised this historic moment too. We were there to see the real MC, we preferred it of course above Roger Waters (impersonating Pink Floyd) playing another Dark side of the room at Pinkpop. And we were not alone. Het Huis van Puck was filled again with the hard core addicts of the east: Jet, Kees, Bea, Hans, Harry (double in volume this time! Jet, I've got the real H@rry P in the back of my car), Tony, Hennie, Ina and all the others that I know by face but (sorry) not yet all by name.
And it was a good one again. Chris did not crash his stool, thanks to an observing member of the audience. The strings Tom-Tom did his or hers (Doris?) work, swapping from BBC2 to

Great concert 518
May 13 2008 Contributor: John Grobben

Hi Chris, Linda & Matt,

It was great the concert in Arnhem. We really enjoyed it.

't Pand, Gorinchem 517
May 10 2008 Contributor: Danny en Lenie Dreef

Chris, Linda & Matt,
It was warm last night, in more then one way.
The place was sold out and more, people sitting on the stairs, that was warm,teehee. The performance was good, very good, but also the sound (compliments for the men upstairs) and it's very strange to know, this was the last time in 't Pand. Still can't believe it. But we were very happy to be there.
Thank you so much for Two Old Friends and we're looking forward to the Autumn Tour. It's not over yet, jippie!!
Love you, Danny&Lenie

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