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Fields of Eden 1467
January 14 2016 Contributor: Helen

Had Fields of Eden for Christmas,the old magic is still there. It has spurred me on to play the records I bought in the eighties when I was lucky enough to see you in Bedford, Cambridge and at The Stables, it\'s a shame you haven\'t returned! One day, maybe. It would be good to know where you\'re likely to be during the year. Helen

Magna Carta on tour: a perfect Christmas gift 1466
January 14 2016 Contributor: Jorge Pato

Hi Chris! As long as I have been trying to bring you to Lisbon for playing live with Magna Carta ( but unfortunately without success until now, because our local promoters look to be" blind and deaf"...) I also have been hoping to reach you anywhere in Europe, to finally meet you and see you perform live. So perhaps time has come to do that in 2016! Many thanks

Wow! You're Still Going 1465
December 24 2015 Contributor: Stephen Palos

I grew up on Lord of the Ages. Never knew you guys are still going! Will be following closely....
Class is NOT dead.

Hi Chris - it's Nessa! 1464
October 22 2015 Contributor: vanessa

Just seen the Magna Carta website, and so able to contact you - it would be good to meet up again [heaven knows when] since those days in Canfield Gardens with the 2 Pats. I was also in the music business under "Philip and Vanessa" in the last 70's but only for a while. Seems as though you're touring almost everywhere except London but please, if time permits, get in touch. Vanessa

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