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Hi Chris - it's Nessa! 1464
October 22 2015 Contributor: vanessa

Just seen the Magna Carta website, and so able to contact you - it would be good to meet up again [heaven knows when] since those days in Canfield Gardens with the 2 Pats. I was also in the music business under "Philip and Vanessa" in the last 70's but only for a while. Seems as though you're touring almost everywhere except London but please, if time permits, get in touch. Vanessa

Fields of Eden 1463
October 3 2015 Contributor: Bryan White

Uplifting Album 1461
July 31 2015 Contributor: Barbara Poitras

Recently introduced to your music. Love, love, love Fields of Eden! I am spending days on end listening to your music and thoroughly enjoying your website with all its various articles, information and pictures. Any plans in the future of coming to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? Would love to attend a live performance.

Caterbury Festival 1460
July 13 2015 Contributor: Michael Martin

I enjoyed your concert performances at the festival. The quality of the band's music is impressive. I very much enjoyed chatting with all of the band. Chris, Tom, Will & Wendy you all made my time at the festival a special event for me. PS: Similar to my sister Julia have a soft spot for Chris I find I have a soft spot for Wendy!(oops did I say that out loud).

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