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Newcastle 2nite 535
July 2 2008 Contributor: Gary Robson,Newcastle,KZN,RSA.

Looking forward to seeing you in Newcastle tonight!
I'm sure we'll have a whale of a time.
Travel safely!

See you soon 534
June 26 2008 Contributor: Sally Goldman

See you in Margate next week! What a co-incidence that we are going to be on holiday in the next town, as you aren't coming to Durban. Looking forward to the concert.
Sally and Rob (friends of the Culwicks who heard you at their "garden concert" last year.

Grassington gig 533
June 25 2008 Contributor: Chris and Sara

What an excellent show - Chris and Linda at their best, Matt as good as ever and backed up by the band - excellent! As Chris says you give people memories - but what a fantastic memory to add to the collection of Grassington, three times, Pannal and Skipton. Unforgetable. We understand that being on the road is tough and admire you for it - we hope that you might perform again on your home ground - you cant beat Yorkshire. Enjoy South Africa and thanks again.

Grassington Gig 532
June 25 2008 Contributor: tony

It doesn't get much better!!!
Can honestly say it was the best performance I have seen from the band. And that's from someone who's seen them play at three other Grassington's, Hampsthwaite & the NSPCC gig at Herriots. So much talent on one stage, and a mobile phone as well!! Pity Stewy couldn't make it.
We just feel privileged to have been there, and hope that it really isn't the end of an era.

If you're reading this, Chris & Linda, then whatever pains you have gone through, please, please, please think about doing the odd Grassington in the future.

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