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Gratitude 546
July 15 2008 Contributor: Kurt Bekker

Beautiful music please reply to my post or email me I just want to know if you guys got my comment!
My parents listened to your music and that is where I heard you for the first time.
Absolutely amazing!!!
This comes from someone who has an idea what music is all about, has his own music festival and band management company.
And I am one of your greatest fans I think that there will never be greater music than magna carta!!!!!

Kurt Bekker
From a distant other country

What a gift! 12 July 2008 545
July 13 2008 Contributor: Peter Briggs

When Fine Music Radio gave me a ticket to your performance I was overjoyed because I couldn't possibly afford to buy one. What a night! The wings of your music, the depth of your poetry, the friendship and humour of your interactions, integrated to a night of sheer magic! Thank you, Magna Carta and FMR.

Cape Town Farewell Concert - Sat 12 July 08 544
July 13 2008 Contributor: David Stodel

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt, I have just returned home after having had the privilege of watching your awesome show at the Cape Town Waterfront Pavilion. I have had to wait nearly 40 years to experience "live" what I could only listen to on vinyl and cd until now. ( Matt - you weren't even born yet when I started listening to MC !!! But the way you played tonight belies your age - you are indeed one talented musician and you are no doubt destined to go on to even bigger things one day ... as if there could possibly be anything bigger than the Magna Carta we saw tonight ) Making yourselves so freely available after the show to chat, sign cd's and pose for photographs puts you a huge cut above most of the other touring artists I have seen over the years. That personal "extra" from you folk, coming on top of the 2 hours of sheer brilliance on stage, was just the perfect ending to an incredibly intimate evening spent with Magna Carta. I wish you both - Chris and Linda - everything of the best on your future paths. Hopefully those paths remain musical ones, and will be ones that we may yet have another opportunity to share with you in our country. Thank you for the honesty of your music, the laughs on stage but most of all for the way the three of you touched the souls of many of us who were there tonight.

What a night!!!!! 543
July 12 2008 Contributor: Maryon & Steve

I am still feeling wonderful after watching last night's performance in Cape Town. You are great and the evening could have just gone on and on. What lovely people you are .. interacting with the audience, chatting to us in between. An evening I will never forget!! I will listen to your music with a lot more passion in my heart from now on!

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