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Thank You 542
July 12 2008 Contributor: Renata Heath

Newcastle, KZN, is often overlooked by artists visiting South Africa. Your performance at the Masonic Hall was absolutely brilliant! Thank you for playing for us. You have many (and now even more) loyal fans here and seeing Magna Carta in person meant the world to us. I wish you guys; Chris, Linda and Matt, all the best for the future.

George ZA 541
July 11 2008 Contributor: Marc Stuyck

You are great so sorry to hear that we will not be able to enjoy your very special music in the future. Music with passion

you rock 540
July 10 2008 Contributor: Hardus

best band in the wold

Arts Theatre 7 July 2008 539
July 7 2008 Contributor: GAVIN & LIZ BOY

A stunning evening had by all. Entertainment out of this world. Thank you for sharing your music with us. Everything of the best for the future.

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