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Gatherin' in the Harvest of my Time ... 559
August 18 2008 Contributor: Graham Nelson

Mr Simpson? I had no idea it would be yourself at the end of the email you sent! I doff my cap to you, sir!

I am sorry to learn that musical relationship (with Glen) ended on a sharp note. Actually, it's not a surprise - I recall feeling there was some tension on the stage at King's Lynn, and I also thought I noticed a "bitchy" comment shot at you in the live Amsterdam In Concert album.

(Noddy you say? Ah! THAT'S where I'd seen Glen's hairstyle before!)

I have not heard Linda singing live yet but am now looking forward to doing so at the first opportunity. When will you next be performing in the North West? Liverpool? Manchester? I want to buy tickets, preferably for seats next to each other, unlike I managed at the King's Lynn concert when I sat one end of the hall and my girlfriend at the other. Best of all, I forgot my wallet and she had to pay. She never spoke to me again. Can't think why.

Anyway, you ain't exactly a slouch at the singing yerself, especially with your own songs. In fact, Time for the Leaving is still on my all-time favourites list, and the Ring of Stones performance left me speechless and in awe on the night I first heard it, and it still does all these years later. (I shan't list more I like as you'll think I'm licking a##e. )

In fact, your song writing (and Sandy Denny's) have a lot to answer for! You got me excited enough to start writing my own, and having to learn an instrument to accompany them. Instrument became instruments. Long story cut short, I ended up in a duo but our only claims to fame were: being booked to play on an Anglia TV programme but the show was cut from the schedule; and in the late 1970s, we once played in support of Clannad at Bridlington, before they were famous and only cost 200 a gig I also played Blues harmonica for Andy Caven at a gig he did in Ely. We weren't booked at Bridlington again, and Nicky Ryan didn't invite us to tour with them. Ended up getting bored on the Norfolk and Cambridge folk circuit. (Clannad didn't know it but Harvey Goldsmith's girlfriend was in the audience at Bridlington, and she said she was going to tell Harvey all about our duo as she preferred us to the Irish band, and that night they were all MY songs . still waiting for Harvey's call.) Then other half of the duo buggered off to become a school teacher. Happy days, sadly long gone. As for me I won't bore you with that tale. Suffice to say around 12 different instruments are now gathering dust and the calloused finger tips have all gone soft.

Done with reminiscing. Back to the present day: Where was I? Ah yes! Concerts. Where??? When??? If you say nothing else to me for the rest of my life, just tell me when and where you'll next be touring in the UK, preferably in the North West.

(Failing that, d'ya need a semi-retired 50 year old Bipolar roadie? Nah, thought not.)

Best wishes to you, Chris (oh, AND Linda!)

Kind regards

Graham Nelson

"I take drugs to control my superpowers," Sascha Altman DuBrul

amsterdam 2009 558
August 12 2008 Contributor: martin groeneweg

hello cris & linda
is there al something to tell about your final concert in Carre amsterdam?

we love to buy tickets for this concert

greatings from Nanny & Martin

UK Dates please??!! 557
August 11 2008 Contributor: Ralph Hale

Saw you in Worcester a few months ago.
See you are touring all over the world!!
How about some dates in the UK please??
Thanks v much

Magna Carter 556
August 5 2008 Contributor: Mike Saunders

I went to see the band at Tamworth Assembly Halls around 1970. It was a chance remark of my wifes that reminded me of the bands name (it had alluded me for a long time). I recall that at least one of the guitars was a Martin (D15 or D18 was it?). Anyway, now that I have re-discovered the band I hope to obtain Seasons and see a live concert. So pleased the success which from that early concert is well deserved.

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