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From Barcelona 574
October 3 2008 Contributor: Josep

Hi, I was an strong fan from 1981, i used, and now also, to heard from many and many hours your fantastic songs.
When you are going in Spain? We wait for you here !.
Many thanks for the good moments.

Linda Simpson writes:

Believe me - we would love to come back to Spain - but we are now running out of time......

discography 573
September 24 2008 Contributor: louise

your first albums were released in the 70's, so why have them as released in the 90s?

Linda Simpson writes:

I believe the CD versions were released in the 90s. If you check out the 'Vinyl Albums' you will see original release dates listed there.

... 572
September 23 2008 Contributor: Domagoj

Hi Linda and Chris!!! I would like to see you in Croatia soon...

concert PARIS 571
September 23 2008 Contributor: Didier Rivoisi

vous venez quand à PARIS
je vous connais depuis............
j'ai 53 ans et je vous connais encore
je vous ai vu une fois à PARIS dans les années 70 80??
à l'ex "espace Americain "je crois
J'ai depuis tous vos diques (une bonne parite en 33 T vinyls)
Je vous ai connu avec le vinyl 33t avec superbe pochette de "lord of the ages"
A bientôt peut être

Linda Simpson writes:

How I wish my French was good enough to understand and reply to your comment.
I so wish we could get back to Paris - it is a beautiful city.

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