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RE: Jealous Guy 577
October 6 2008 Contributor: Brian Chowles

Dear Magna Carta,
I have been a big fan for so many years. Your music brings back so many wonderful memories of growing up in the beautiful Western Cape, South Africa. I have just learned that you actually went there not so long ago and even performed in Stellenbosch! So close to my home. I would have taken a flight all the way from Beijing, where I currently live, just to see you. It has always been a dream of mine to see you live. Please help me make this dream a reality and let me know how I could possibly book and ensure tickets for your farewell concert in May next year (May 2009) I will fly out to see you then.
Kindest Regards

Linda Simpson writes:

I'm so sorry we missed you in SA.
Your address is now on our mailing list so please don't worry - you will receive an email when the tickets go on pre-sale.

thanks 576
October 5 2008 Contributor: Simme Hertogh

I do hope you'll make some recordings in the future. I've always loved you on stage but you will certainly have your reasons for stopping after so many years. Your music is not just feelings and moods, it's art, a way of life for me. When i hear your voices sing, I see beautifull landscapes. Thanks and God bless.

Linda Simpson writes:

We are planning on making another album before the farewell concert in Amsterdam ..... watch this site for details.

fader john 575
October 4 2008 Contributor: awkersbergen

we were in Dronten I found against falls too much talk little sing and moan that for a last concert

Linda Simpson writes:

I am afraid I don't fully understand your comment; I think possibly something has been lost in translation, but your English is still better than my Dutch so please don't think I'm complaining.
I am sorry if you were disappointed with the evening. Sadly it is not possible to please everyone all the time. Chris is known for telling stories on stage, but we always try to make sure that we balance that with the music ... we will certainly be checking that out on the next concert.
Thank you for taking the time to write.

From Barcelona 574
October 3 2008 Contributor: Josep

Hi, I was an strong fan from 1981, i used, and now also, to heard from many and many hours your fantastic songs.
When you are going in Spain? We wait for you here !.
Many thanks for the good moments.

Linda Simpson writes:

Believe me - we would love to come back to Spain - but we are now running out of time......

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