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That Was Yesterday 563
September 5 2008 Contributor: Timothy Guinnip

Hello Chris,

Just a note to thank you for being the essence of Magna Carta. I've never seen you perform but have listened to you regularly on this side of the pond first on FM radio back when Lord of the Ages was released (it knocked me over) and since then on my turntable, cassette deck and now CD player! I was at uni in London in the late 70's and had Magna Carta with me on cassette. While I was in London and by chance, I ran into Stan Gordon at the South Bank Centre and hollered over to him that I enjoyed Lord of the Ages and what're you doing now? and he just said "keeping busy and moved on." I truly believe that Lord of the Ages was your finest hour probably partly because it reminds me of a good period in my life after graduating high school when I was coming into my own, etc.

It's sad to learn of the split with you and Linda. I am sorry.

Will there be more recording? More writing? Wish It Was!


Tim Guinnip

Re Farewell Tours 562
August 24 2008 Contributor: Martin

Similar theme to entry 561 any tours anywhere in UK. Having re-discovered your vinyl in my loft I am quickly looking to get CD versions as your music still brings back the happiness of my youthful years. Where have 35 years gone - much is changed but your music hasn't. Keep writing/playing!

Farewell shows 561
August 23 2008 Contributor: Peter

Hi Are there any plans for any farewell UK shows? I was away at the time of the recent Grassington concert; would have loved to have been able to go. Are there any further shows planned in Yorkshire or the North East at all?
Best wishes Peter

Linda Simpson writes:

Dear Peter,
I can't say that there is anything planned at the moment. I would like to say though that we are stopping touring - that doesn't mean that we won't turn up and do the odd gig here and there.

Hello 560
August 23 2008 Contributor: steph flower

Hi Chris,

Farewell tour?!!!! Dont say it's the end?!!!! I've never managed to catch up with you on any of your Midland gigs - will u hopefully be saying goodbye at anywhere close?? 'Two Old Friends' is still my favourite of all time and I'll always remember you singing it to me by the side of a road somewhere in Langstrothdale. :-)
xxx Steph

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