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nice to see your comments again!! 570
September 18 2008 Contributor: phil

but no comment on the gay allegations !!!lol

it's great seeing comments on the guest book . no reports on south africa concerts though ...and no pics for a while !!
final concert August 22nd plus possible return to south africa in september ?? a comeback tour ??
magna carta has been a MAJOR influence on my life for 40 odd years (and some normal years as well !!) thanks seems trite but i mean it !!

Linda Simpson writes:

Hi Phil,
I thought it prudent to delete the 'Gay' entry - I always hated exams too.
We're celebrating 40 years on the road on the 11th of May next year. After that, each member of MC will be doing something different. Magna Carta will come back together as and when it suits and fits in with those individual plans.
We all love South Africa and so, when it looked as though we could do some concerts in Sept next year we all agreed that it would be good to do it. I for one, am still waiting to see an elephant!!
Things are changing as regards the web site - there will be something about South Africa soon - and we will pick up on the diary again for the Dutch tour.Stay with us - we're not done yet!

SA TOUR 2008 567
September 11 2008 Contributor: Margaret de Jager

Hi Chris & Linda,

Just want to say how much I enjoyed your show in Johannesburg. The change of venue was a bonus in that we got to meet you personally. Thank you for performing "Lord of the Ages" as this has always been my iconic album. Even my son thoroughly enjoyed the show and said he would go again! Please come back to SA so we can experience the magic again.

Best regards,

Linda Simpson writes:

Rumour has it that we will be back in September 2009 - watch this space.

Just love this music 566
September 11 2008 Contributor: Gerard Boterman

I got many CD's, but like to find lyrics for my mp3 player.
Like the song 'Seasons', . . . anybody?

Linda Simpson writes:

Chris told me that he has replied to you personally so no need to say more.

time to say goodbye....? 565
September 5 2008 Contributor: joop steendam

Dear Chris/Linda,

Just read the local newspaper, saturday november 8th Magna carta in de Kolk, Assen. Of course I made reservations and we look forward to meet you again.
IF.., you'd be able to stay for a couple of days in our farmhouse, which is just 15 km from Assen, we would be more than happy to welcome you and -if it happens- Darrell as wel.

Best wishes,

Joop Steendam
(texel, camel watch)

Linda Simpson writes:

Thank you for your kind offer. I think that Chris should have replied to you by now. We look forward to seeing you.

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