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Why to wear a turtle-neck 590
October 26 2008 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Dear female audience,


Magna Carta is nearing the end of their life on the road. For Chris that means after almost 40 years also an end to signing records, CD's, DVD's and posters. In Dutch we say "hoe ouder hoe gekker", so girls beware 'cause as of now he also turns to signing bare skin, preferably women's bare skin. So waer your turtle-necks to be on the save side!

Apart from that, dear Linda, Chris & Matt,
Your performance on stage was excellent as ever! Loved the new songs, especially the European Union Blues, how very true.
Can't really get used to the idea that these wonderful nights out are going to stop. So see you again next thursday in Velp! (we need somebody.....)

Dorothea & Bart

Same Rain ! 589
October 26 2008 Contributor: Jet

Hi you all,
loved the gig in Doetinchem, you were all great !!
It was a funny evening and standing ovations for each of you for hours.............. !!
Love the new version of "Same Rain", well done Linda !
Well, when I look outside today it's the same rain indeed.

Concert Druten 588
October 22 2008 Contributor: Annemiek en Jan Reith

Hi Matt, Linda and Chris. We enjoyed the concert at Agora Druten very much!!! Matt you wrote that you were not so 'satisfied' (Alphen a/d Rijn felt better...), and everybody went home so quickly. Well, we were overwhelmed by your enthousiasm and spirit!!! Luckily we stayed a while after the concert and talked with you guys.
See you at the Carré in May 2009 (hope so)! And Matt CU at the Pubben family! Good luck with the band S.L.Y!
Groetjes Jan en Annemiek Reith uit Wijchen

Keep on going 587
October 21 2008 Contributor: José Miranda

Thank you for all the beautiful moments.

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