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November 10 2008 Contributor: Ton van der Horst

Didn't get the email, but as I check the website every day. I have tickets for the Carre concert, front row!! Yes I'm very very happy with the tickets, but also very sad because it is the farewell. It will be a very mixed feelings evening. But a celebration of Magna carta music!!

Hi Margre and Ton

Ede forever? 596
November 8 2008 Contributor: Teus

Dear Chris, Linda and Matthijs

When I watched Lokale Omroep Ede this afternoon just before 13:00 I was suprised by the announcement that Magna Carta would be in the studio. Again like you did last year when I listened to the studio performance.

I installed my VCR and taped it this afternoon so I can show it to friends. I watched and listened Live.
What a beautiful surpprise this was.

I've enjoyed it very much.
I'm looking forward to go to the concert in Ede on November 22nd. CU than.

Warm sincere greetings to you all.

everybody will find its place 595
November 3 2008 Contributor: Wim and Anita

Have you ever wondered how nature gets it's glow?
Who gives it light and colour as the seasons come and go
The secret is:Its all the work of fairies and...Magna Carta.
Thank you Linda, Matthijs and Chris it was magical.
See you again very soon, lots of love Wim and Anita

K13 in Velp 594
November 2 2008 Contributor: Hilda Amsen-Slomp

Thank you very much for a lovely night. We had our twelve year old son with us (his first concert), and now you have yet another fan!
We are looking forward to seeing you all again in Carré!

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