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Magna Carta in Rotterdam 606
November 23 2008 Contributor: Bert Eysbergen

Dear Linda, Chris and Matthijs,

In name of all the visitors of the second concert in our clubhouse I like to thank you for the more than 100 % you gave last Friday.
The sound was great, soundman Coen, made a perfect mix of all your beautiful songs. Live at Lommerijk 2 was a real happening !
All the best for you all, RLTC Lommerrijk, Bert Eysbergen.

Great evening in Ede 605
November 23 2008 Contributor: Ab

Dear Chris, Linda and Matthijs,

Last night Ineke, my wife and I enjoyed your music again in Cultura in Ede. We had a great evening thanks you so much for that. Despite the snow it was very worthwhile.
We wish you all the best, and who knows we see you on 11nd may in Carre.
Do you have the photos I made during your performance at the Local Broadcasting Ede still receive? I had sent them to Matthijs.

Warm greetings of Ab and Ineke ;-)

The Wrong Platforms......... 604
November 19 2008 Contributor: Beanpole

I've ended up in Manchester instead of Leeds on more than one
occaision. When I worked in Harrogate, I lost count of the
times I jumped off the train in York to jump on another back
to Harrogate......Happy Days.
Kind regards to the Band....

Had great fun 603
November 19 2008 Contributor: Frank van Dijk

Dear Chris and Linda,

I was in the audience last night (18th november) in Zoetermeer and I can't remember the last time I had such fun during a concert (and no, I'm not WooHoo guy). Hope to hear more from you guys. Best of luck!

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