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't Eekhoornnest 609
November 30 2008 Contributor: Kees

Dear Chris, Linda and Matt

Thank you so much for last night. It was a great evening and I enjoyed every minute of it (Matt, thanks for the inventation.Henny loved it as well).Like I enjoyed every minute of your concerts the past 15 years. Sorry that I didn't hear of you before. I look forward to the new album and hope there will be a recording of European Blues and Lord Of The Ages,with just the three of you, on it. Was the South African wine drinkable?
I also did like the "main" act, The desparados
Again, thank you so much and see you in Carré.

a big hug to the three of you,


first kiss from old man! 608
November 28 2008 Contributor: Evelien Dekker

Dear people,

This evening was so enjoyable! I just loved it, and especially of course, lord of the ages. This was the first time I ever saw you, and the last time... And Chris, thank you for the kisses, you are the first man that has ever kissed me! A real honor! Thank you! And of course Matt and Linda were brilliant too!

Love and good luck from Evelien (the girl with the green bonnet)

Hoorn, november 27tth 607
November 28 2008 Contributor: Yvette

I haven't heard Lord of the Ages live since ... (over 30 years). It was great to listen to again.
Thanks very much for the concert, it was great seeing you again !!!

Magna Carta in Rotterdam 606
November 23 2008 Contributor: Bert Eysbergen

Dear Linda, Chris and Matthijs,

In name of all the visitors of the second concert in our clubhouse I like to thank you for the more than 100 % you gave last Friday.
The sound was great, soundman Coen, made a perfect mix of all your beautiful songs. Live at Lommerijk 2 was a real happening !
All the best for you all, RLTC Lommerrijk, Bert Eysbergen.

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