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folk music 614
December 22 2008 Contributor: Richard

When they compile the list of great British folk acts, they will start with Magna Carta, Fairport and Lindisfarne. The rest will just be appendices. Any chance you guys will play Lincoln (UK) in the near future? I'd love it if my missus could see what I've been raving about for donkeys years. Good luck for the future anyway. Rick.

Concert Carre 613
December 14 2008 Contributor: Elly

Hi Folks,
We enjoyed your concert in Tilburg and we have a question for you about the concert in Carre A'dam. Can you tell us: is this concert given by just the three of you or will there be more musicians involved. Please let me know.

From Finland 612
December 11 2008 Contributor: arto ruotsalainen

is there any chance to see you make gig or two in Finland in 2009?
See you!

Best support act ever! 610
November 30 2008 Contributor: Dorothea & Bart

Hi Chris, Linda and Matt,

Have to say that last night The Desperados had the best support act ever! This was not an ordinary Soest-Friends-Eekhoornnest-get-together-with-some-songs gig, but a CCMCC (complete compact Magna Carta concert). Shows how much music you can make in an hour and a halve when leaving out the announcements. Or doing them on double speed, as Linda did. Not that I mind the announcements, I love them. Sad that it was the last Eekhoornnest gig. Luckely we didn’t get time to dwell over that as the Desperados soon filled the Cantina with music, tequilla and dance. And after their spirited performance, as the musical instruments were packed in, the dancing went on into the small hours. My feet barely managed to get me to your cabin for a nice nightcap, good company and a great demo. Check out Matt’s new band at sly-music (the com-extension you’ll have to figure out yourselves), to speak with Monty Python ...and now for something completely different...
As by then the clocked showed 5.something, Chris had already gone in total oblivion to the land of Nod and I wanted to get home before the break of daylight, we said our goodbyes. This was again a true and wonderful Friends-night. Thanks for making it happen.
See you all in Carré (we’ll be working on the banners).

Love, hugs and kisses,
Dorothea and Bart

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