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Well done1 616
December 25 2008 Contributor: astrid

My boyfriend and I loved your gig in Hoorn, looking forward to the next one!

question 615
December 25 2008 Contributor: astrid

I would like to know if you are going to make a dvd recording of your final concert in Amsterdam, I'd love that!!!!!!!!!!

folk music 614
December 22 2008 Contributor: Richard

When they compile the list of great British folk acts, they will start with Magna Carta, Fairport and Lindisfarne. The rest will just be appendices. Any chance you guys will play Lincoln (UK) in the near future? I'd love it if my missus could see what I've been raving about for donkeys years. Good luck for the future anyway. Rick.

Concert Carre 613
December 14 2008 Contributor: Elly

Hi Folks,
We enjoyed your concert in Tilburg and we have a question for you about the concert in Carre A'dam. Can you tell us: is this concert given by just the three of you or will there be more musicians involved. Please let me know.

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