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Snails !! 630
March 3 2009 Contributor: Josep

You have a message in your mail about our snail-meeting in Lleida.

Magna Carta - The Story so Far 629
February 24 2009 Contributor: George

"They have worked with the ... worst" - surely a reference to amateur nights at Downstairs in Abu Dhabi, and in particular to the one (and fortunately only!) performance on stage of the world's first punk skiffle paper & comb band (although some of that group's other incarnations may rival it for the low spot)! Happy days (well, those of them that I can remember).

The big day is coming !!! 628
February 20 2009 Contributor: Josep

Hi, I'm a fervorous follower of you from 1970, I saw you in Spain (Pais Vasco) many time ago, and...I'll expect from the next March,7 at Lleida's concert -Spain-
I hope to see you and ... if you want, for me will be a pleasure, to invite Magna Carta to eat snails "Cargols a la llauna" whit the good labeled wine from "Costers del Segre- Castell del Remei", one of the most famous dishes and wine in Lleida.

Your US cousin 627
February 19 2009 Contributor: Kathleen Power Smith [Johnson}

This is the only way I could think of reaching you! When I lived in London in the late 60's I looked up my Yorkshire cousins and remember an evening at your home around the time your first album came out. Jane and I used to see each other but I returned to the US in 1970 and we lost touch. I hope this reaches you and that you'll also pass it on to your sister. It's time to make contact again.

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