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Hello linda or Matt 642
April 15 2009 Contributor: Stef Woestenenk

Hi Linda and/or Matt!

I played with you in Holland two weeks ago. It was on Jet Lovink's party... I tried to contact you again by mailing Matt, but no reply. I was invited to come the 18th of april to the radioshow, but I can't come. Sorry.
If you're still intersted in me playing again with you or Chris, please let me know!
All the best with the last shows and maybe we'll catch up in the near future?



Amsterdam Concert 641
April 13 2009 Contributor: Chris Johns

Anyone found a convenient & reasonably priced way of getting over to this concert, returning tue 12th.
Or are you driving over & have a spare seat?
If so please email me. cj at Thanks.

memories 640
April 6 2009 Contributor: Jan King

Found Seasons on record at the bottom of the pile of records and played it and understood why I used to thrash it back in the 70's still love it, well done
love the sad little scaregrow song.. Jan

Wavendon 639
April 4 2009 Contributor: Charles Mills

Thank you for a splendid concert tonight at the Stables. The music stays with us, now and for always.

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