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Your US cousin 627
February 19 2009 Contributor: Kathleen Power Smith [Johnson}

This is the only way I could think of reaching you! When I lived in London in the late 60's I looked up my Yorkshire cousins and remember an evening at your home around the time your first album came out. Jane and I used to see each other but I returned to the US in 1970 and we lost touch. I hope this reaches you and that you'll also pass it on to your sister. It's time to make contact again.

Abu Dhabi 1984 - The lawyer who played the bl 626
February 10 2009 Contributor: Jonathan Walton

Dear Chris and Linda

I wonder if you remember your days in the desert - more specifically, "Downstairs" in the Abu Dhabi Intercon in 84 and the "Neil Tyler Big Band" - the one where "nobody turns up - and then they do!" I am the lawyer who embarrassed himself and everyone else on the blues harp, kazoo, duck caller and siren whistle on classics such as "Hesitation Blues", "Somebody Stole My Wife" and "Hello Central, Give me Doctor Jazz". That was a real hoot and I remember those times fondly. I now live in Canterbury (Kent) - via (since 84) Hobart Tasmania, Troon, Toulouse, London, Delhi and Johannesburg.

I'd love to come to one of your concerts and maybe have a jam for old times' sake. I've still got all my kit!

All the best

Linda´s address 625
February 4 2009 Contributor: Edith Ljung

solly boat de rong spelling.........

Linda´s adsess 624
February 4 2009 Contributor: Edith Ljung

Hi there.
I have written a card to you, Linda.
I am not sure of your adress so I mailed it to 16 Southwood Lane, Grassington.
It might be returned to me and I will forward it to your present adr, You might receive it by the end of 2010.... :D
Lots of hugs to yot. Lars sends his best regards..XXX EDITH

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