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secured cover of cd TOOK A LONG TIME 670
May 30 2009 Contributor: Peter Kühn

Dear friends, today a parcel of cds arrived from Talking Elephant with the above mentioned cd inside. To my surprise I noticed that the picture of the cover is shown secured. Look at Chris - he wears his watch on the right hand side. Inside the booklet is another photo of Chris where he wears it correctey on the left. If my memory serves me well on the original Lp cover the boys sat in other direction. What's the reason?
Greetings from Hamburg, Germany from Peter who is in the picture archive of DER SPIEGEL, our biggest news magazine. So perhaps I have a special eye...

goodbye.....chris, linda en meester matthijs. 669
May 21 2009 Contributor: josé

Bedankt voor de mooie momenten, herinneringen en muziek bij jullie laatste concert in Carre in Nederland. Helaas mocht ik daar niet persoonlijk afscheid nemen van jullie, dus dan maar zo........ x x x
Het gaat jullie goed en ik volg jullie via de sites!!
Komt er nog een cd uit van jullie laatste periode?
Meester Mattijs, veel geluk voor de toekomst en groetjes van je "collega" José (uit de buurt van Enkhuizen.....)

Carré.......................... 668
May 20 2009 Contributor: Jet

It took me over a week to find the right words about the evening in the Carré; I guess there are no words for it; it was just magic and I will miss this in the future !!
Thanks for all the good times and may God bless you all......

Lots of love

Carré Concert - Thom's remarks 667
May 17 2009 Contributor: Harm

I totally don't agree with Thom about the sound.
IMHO the sound quality and level were fantastic.
Maybe the sound where you were located wasn't that good, but where I sat it was great. The balance between the various instruments and voices was great. Only in Lord of the Ages the choir was a bit too loud or the voicelevel of dr. Andrew Jackson was not loud enough (for a part that is).
I had a wonderful time, glad to be able to attend this concert which will stay in my memory forever!
Chris, Linda and Matt (and all guests): thank you very much for this memorable and fantastic final concert. I hope there will be a 2cd of the concert soon!

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