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Great Performance 678
July 15 2009 Contributor: john

Glad To See You At Canterbury. I Did Your Video And Will Post Under my User For You. pirea8us. Enjoy

Canterbury Folk Festival 677
July 13 2009 Contributor: Don Wolan

Matt: I didn't know you were engaged. Anyways send me a line and I will send you over a link and some pictures.

Gigography 676
July 12 2009 Contributor: Richard Heaven

How about Magna Carta fans putting some gig dates onto Songkick for their gigography.
I saw Magna Carta support Labi Siffre at the gateway Theatre in Chester in the early 70's ( 1973/74). does anyone have the exact date?

Canterbury Folk Festival - Ingersoll Ontario 675
July 12 2009 Contributor: Henrietta Mulder

Message for Matt Barnhoorn

What a privilege to hear you all sing at our festival. We are extremely proud of our festival here in Ingersolll, and when I heard you sing, and knew you were from Holland, I wanted to get the chance to talk to you. Thanks for coming out and meeting with me. I enjoyed talking with you and it was probably the highlight of the festival for me to be able to rub shoulders with one of the performers!
Ik heb verder van de avond nog genoten en morgen gaan wij er nog is en keer naar to. Speaking to you in Dutch was definitely really cool and to think that you are from a town just a stone's throw from where I was born.....that too was really neat. Who knows, one day we may run into you again! Good luck with the engagement and wedding plans and your journey to South Africa!

Henrietta Mulder

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