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Carré Concert - Thom's remarks 667
May 17 2009 Contributor: Harm

I totally don't agree with Thom about the sound.
IMHO the sound quality and level were fantastic.
Maybe the sound where you were located wasn't that good, but where I sat it was great. The balance between the various instruments and voices was great. Only in Lord of the Ages the choir was a bit too loud or the voicelevel of dr. Andrew Jackson was not loud enough (for a part that is).
I had a wonderful time, glad to be able to attend this concert which will stay in my memory forever!
Chris, Linda and Matt (and all guests): thank you very much for this memorable and fantastic final concert. I hope there will be a 2cd of the concert soon!

The Carré 666
May 16 2009 Contributor: Nico van Haastert

Hi there Chris Linda and Matt,

I have enjoyed every minute of the concert last monday, but was watching with mixed feelings, because it was the last concert.....
Thanks for all the good times, specially hte last few years and hope to meet up with you again...

Love and hugs,

Carre concert 665
May 16 2009 Contributor: Thom

Hi guys, you where all fabulous as ever before. One very, very negative, the sound was absolutely shit. Please never work with these ' sound engineers' again. They managed to unbalance the instruments, particularly the grand piano and voices, and even succeeded in creating feedback at one point in time. It was consistently too loud. ?the speakers where not positioned correctly (too high) You guys deserved so much better!!


M.C. in Amsterdam 664
May 15 2009 Contributor: Bert Eysbergen

Dear Linda,Chris and Mattijs,

Also lots of compliments for the great performance in Amsterdam last Monday.
A super show with more top musicians, and that for the last time !!!!!!!!!
Please promisse, let your Comeback be in another nice place..Rotterdam !!

All the best for you all
Bert Eysbergen from the Tennisclub in Rotterdam

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