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Is it you? 683
September 11 2009 Contributor: Trish

I had an album years ago - it was in my family home. one of the lyrics on one of the songs was 'can ya cook porridge' in a broad scottish accent? I can't remember much about it except the name magna cart (band or album name I don't know?) and that I really liked it. Was it you?

Thanks Trish

Happy Happy Happy 682
August 26 2009 Contributor: Lucas Maree

I am so happy that I will at last get the chance to see and hear my favourite Folk group of the seventies in BLoemfontein, South Africa!!!!!

relaxing tunes 681
August 15 2009 Contributor: robert brown

recently discoverd this fine band

"A tribute to Magna Carta" 680
July 18 2009 Contributor: Mieke van Barneveld-Bouwer

This CD is by Eric Bouwer from Amerongen (Holland) itself (vocals and accompaniment) as a gift for Chris and Linda at the farewell concert in Carré, On May 11 2009. He himself made the arrangements. Songs like Highway to Spain, Airport Song and Took a Long Time, songs on this CD are listening. I am very impressed with this wonderful CD, because I know he is a long time been doing! I hope that Chris and Linda have also enjoyed this special CD?!

Mieke van Barneveld-Bouwer, sister of Eric

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