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thanks 690
September 30 2009 Contributor: elsahoffmann

As always - such a pleasure to have you here.
its like Goldfish.... if you have never experienced Magna Carta live, you dont know what you are missing.

What a wonderful evening. 689
September 30 2009 Contributor: Marc Lurie

Hi Chris and Tom,

I'm the guy who trekked all the way from Johannesburg to Cape Town to watch you perform at Villa Pascal. The show was superb and I had to pinch myself constantly to remind myself that I was actually watching it all live. It was really fantastic to be able to meet you and have a chat about this and that afterwards.

We'd love to see you in Johannesburg, and I know you will be popular up here. If you remember, we spoke about you perhaps doing a tour here, and I mentioned "The Radium", as one of several possible venues. I can also get some local radio airtime (interview for example) if we have enough notice.

If you are interested, please drop me an e-mail any time, or call me on +27 Eight Two 497-4581.

Once again, thank you so much for lighting up my entire year. I haven't stopped smiling since I discovered that you were going to be touring SA. :-)


Fantastic show! 688
September 28 2009 Contributor: Louis Moore

Thank you two guys for such a fantastic show at Villa Pascal.

I never thought that I would be able to see you performing live.

Please visit South Africa again!

Louis Moore

Thank you! 687
September 27 2009 Contributor: Genevieve Oosthuizen

Hi there. I had the pleasure of seeing your performance and meeting with you on the 25th September in Cape Town, South africa.

We discussed a possible visit to Johannesburg in the future. I do hope that you can come as me, my mother and most of my family would love to see you.

I grew up on Magna Carta (I am 28 years old) and if there was one thing my mother and I had in common, it was our love for your music. Thank you for bringing us countless hours of joy through your inspiring lyrics and the life and soul that you breathe into your songs.

Kindest Regards, Genevieve.

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