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Summer 2016 Concert Tour 1470
March 25 2016 Contributor: Phil Gardner

Hurrah, MC are making a return visit to Sussex after a 14 year absence, tickets already booked for the Shoreham concert!

Finding Magna Carta Again 1469
February 23 2016 Contributor: Bryan White

In the early 70's I remember listening to Magna Carta as a friends house but never got round to buying any albums. On visiting Swanage Folk Festival last September I was looking at Talking Elephant Records stand and and noted some Magna Carta CD's One of the owners said take the new album Fields of Eden and if you don't like call me on Monday and I will refund your money. I played the album and both myself and my partner could not believe how great it is. Since then Lord of the Ages and 2 other great albums have been added and others will follow. Next objective to see Magna Carta live. Chris Simpson your music and lyrics are up there with the greats Bryan

Great music 1468
January 25 2016 Contributor: Sean

I was introduced to this great music as a youngster. I just love the songwriting talents displayed. Just love "Lord of the Ages" and "Seasons"

Fields of Eden 1467
January 14 2016 Contributor: Helen

Had Fields of Eden for Christmas,the old magic is still there. It has spurred me on to play the records I bought in the eighties when I was lucky enough to see you in Bedford, Cambridge and at The Stables, it\'s a shame you haven\'t returned! One day, maybe. It would be good to know where you\'re likely to be during the year. Helen

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