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Queen Boadicea 1482
July 9 2016 Contributor: Sam Dugdale

Apologies if I am off track, but I still have a song that haunts me from school and learning the guitar. I believe it was written by Chris Simpson but performed under a different name. Mid 60's. I've been searching for years. Thanks

Fields of Eden 1481
July 4 2016 Contributor: Phil Gardner

After catching up with Chris at the Ropetackle concert we took home our signed copy of Fields of Eden. We have now played it 3 times and what a classic album it is. I was unsure what to expect from the various video clips that had been shown, but this is up there with the best MC albums. The title track is superb and this is backed up by a brilliant collection of pure MC songs. It is a must have album for any MC fan!

btw hope you all got home safe 1480
June 30 2016 Contributor: Steph Tedstone

as above

Got my eyes on you/Coming concert at the Robi 1479
June 20 2016 Contributor: Jamie Gaskell

Hi Chris and Linda,
Hope all well with you, and sorry to hear about your dog - they're such special friends in life. Also good to see our website pictures that you grow vegetables - I'm a keen gardener too.
I've been a Magna Carta fan since the early seventies and saw you in my small home rural town of Harlech, North Wales in about '74 then down the coast in Aberystwyth in '78. I'm a big concert goer but this second concert will always remain my favourite of all by far - I can remember singing along and being totally transfixed, particularly when you played Seven o'clock hymn/Midwinter. Magna Carta get to the heart of the country boy like me like no other band!
I've only just come across your '84 single, 'Got my eyes on you' and have listened to it so many times now - the mark of a hit - modern songs don't seem to hook you like this any more. Are the single and album it was taken from available in any form do you know?
I have a ticket for your concert over at the Robin 2 in Bilston. Will you be playing any of the old songs, particularly Seven o'clock hymn/Midwinter or anything from Songs from the Wasties' Orchard?
Thanks for giving us so much heartfelt pleasure over the years. I'm so looking forward to see you playing again.
Lots of love,
Take care,

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