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paul stewart 1485
August 18 2016 Contributor: robert kivell

Hi , how do you get a copy of - Paul Stewart (chris simpson) -that`s the way it goes. Your website says it`s readily availiable , but nobody has heard of a copy. I like hearing music from when an artist first starts out . Please come back to the canterbury folk festival in ingersol , missed you last time.

When All is Said And Done 1483
July 14 2016 Contributor: Dave Edwards

Just purchased and am really enjoying this CD. It fits in nicely with my small collection between Seasons, Lord of The Ages, Waisties and Fields of Eden. It covers the decades and shows off your writing brilliantly. Nice one Chris.
I'm glad the tour is going well and I'm sad I missed the Robbin 2 event. Hope you are enjoying it.

Queen Boadicea 1482
July 9 2016 Contributor: Sam Dugdale

Apologies if I am off track, but I still have a song that haunts me from school and learning the guitar. I believe it was written by Chris Simpson but performed under a different name. Mid 60's. I've been searching for years. Thanks

Fields of Eden 1481
July 4 2016 Contributor: Phil Gardner

After catching up with Chris at the Ropetackle concert we took home our signed copy of Fields of Eden. We have now played it 3 times and what a classic album it is. I was unsure what to expect from the various video clips that had been shown, but this is up there with the best MC albums. The title track is superb and this is backed up by a brilliant collection of pure MC songs. It is a must have album for any MC fan!

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