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Ripley 1507
September 3 2017 Contributor: Rev'd Carmel Gittens

Dear Chris and band

Thank you so much for the amazing gig last night at Ripley. You evoked such fond memories and your voice is still as clear and beautiful as ever! I have been a fan since the early 1970's and saw you live in Liverpool when you played at the Adelphi basement folk club. that night you played a piece on the harmonica that I still rave about today.
I was pleasantly surprised last night to discover that you are a cousin of one of my congregations...Peter Smith...small world! Thank you so much for your music.
Blessings Rev'd Carmel Gittens

Down Under 1504
July 28 2017 Contributor: Theo

Will you guys ever come to Australia? Listening to your music ever since "Seasons", seen you live 2 times in the Netherlands. I can't wait to see you Down Under :)

Clitheroe 31st March 2017 1501
April 2 2017 Contributor: Steve Hambleton

Thanks for a great gig on Friday evening. Superb musicianship from a great team of musicians led by Chris, all wrapped up in warmth and humour. Long may you continue.

Hello 1500
March 11 2017 Contributor: Joe Kelly

Just completed a house move and rediscovered my old vinyls that kept me company through my school and college years (and inspired me to become a musician), incl. a much-cherished but well worn copy of Seasons - for me one of the finest folk concept albums ever. Didn't think for a minute you guys would still be going but - hey, you're in Clitheroe in a couple of weeks time and I'm just down the road. Boy, am I looking forward to this gig! Rock on, guys.

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