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chris ! can chris hear me here? 699
November 7 2009 Contributor: gabriel clark - peter clark's kid

hi chris.
it's gabriel - peter's son. we had a great time about 14 years ago back in the dales.
--- i wanted to send you an email but your site doesn't seem to allow it, so if you end up reading this guestbook entry:

we're inviting you to spend some time in istanbul with us. there's always a place on our sofa bed here (if you don't mind sharing with our 7-year old!)
kudos and fuck the abys of political correctness....

gab. and funa.

Magna Carta forever! 698
November 6 2009 Contributor: jorge

I never had the so desired pleasure of seeing Magna Carta playing live, except in the excellent and rare available DVD you have recorded, but considering you were always one of my top favourite bands of all times,and one of the few we never get tired of listen to the music and songs,I still have a slight hope it can be possible. Unfortunately, it looks as Portugal is not in your touring map, so I beg you to not retire from the live concert schedules without visiting us here in Lisbon. Chris and Linda, I will keep listening to yor music forever!

Thanks, Chris 697
October 30 2009 Contributor: Bill Golembski

Chris--I will always cherish the hug in Canada. That was a great moment in my life. As I said to you--your music has made me cry. AND my new book is finally being published. So thanks for the music.

Hi People 695
October 16 2009 Contributor: geseskishioto

Hi People
How are you doing?

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