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Hello from India 720
May 25 2010 Contributor: Arijit Syam

Hello to all the band members of Magna Carta (Past and Present). I had first heard your songs in 1981 in my hometown Calcutta (Kolkata). That was the year when Magna Carta also performed live in that city. But I had missed it.

I like your variety of Acoustic British folk rock music. Would be delighted if you consider coming to India again and perform at Bombay (Mumbai) where I presently stay. If you want to play in Calcutta, no problem, I can also visit my hometown and listen to you.

Let me know if you want any help from India to plan your concerts here.

All the best to you all.

Arijit Syam

Hello, old friend! 719
May 9 2010 Contributor: Peter Snoad

Hi Chris,

A blast from the very distant past -- your old friend, Peter Snoad here. I was thinking of you earlier this evening and on a whim Googled you -- and have been catching up on the last 30 years of Magna history while listening to "Airport Song"! Talk about a trip down memory lane....

I'm writing this from Boston, Massachusetts where I've been living with my wife, Mindy, for the past 20-plus years. We have a wonderful daughter, Sasha, who's 18 and a freshman at Tulane University in New Orleans (now there's a music town.) Sasha is actually coming to England at the end of this month for two months as an au pair with a family in Bournemouth. And Mindy and I will be in the U.K. (and then Greece) in late September and October. Any chance we can get to see you and the lovely Linda (who, of course, I've never met)? I'd love much water under the bridge, me ole mate. How are your girls? And, of course, I wonder how Mary is doing. And Glen...Tommy Hoy (and you) look like older versions of the guys I remember.

On the artistic front, I've been quite busy myself as a playwright. Check out my website. It's petersnoad dot com. (I know I can't write it out in full because then this message will go in the spam folder.)

What's next now that Magna has finally, officially called it a day?

Do write and give me your news. It would be truly fund to re-connect.



This is one of the finest I've ever heard 718
April 29 2010 Contributor: Tom Spencer

I only recently got to know Magna Carta. I can't get enough of them, the music is just beautiful, incredible real music. I find myself wondering where I was being a child of the 60's here in the U.S. I'm so happy I heard them while playing a copy of the Phillips UK release of Airport Song which was in a bunch of bulk vinyl 45's I recently purchased. I can't wait to get my amazon order of cd's.

Sail Away 717
March 30 2010 Contributor: Rob E

Chris, I was sorry to hear your mother had, as Chris Rea would describe it, sailed away. It's over 20 years since I met her but I remember it with affection.

Best wishes,

(somewhere in the highlands of Scotland)

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