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Let's talk about good music 745
October 6 2010 Contributor: bobkomas

I love music like "Queen". What about you?

October 4 2010 Contributor: Ulrich Hoffmann

Great comment posted on the Kalk Bay Theatre website:

1. Wilna Swart - September 30, 2010
Hi everyone,

Piti & I hugely enjoyed the Magna Carta show last night (29/09)! The music is brilliant, the lyrics still the best ever and Chris and Nick have stage personalities that would have one listen to them a whole night long.

Do not miss this terrific experience! You will come away wanting more of Magna Carta!

To Chris & Nick: A BIG thank you for a super show! Well done and keep it up!

Piti & Wilna

2. simon - October 2, 2010
Dear Piti & Wilna
Thanks for brilliant comment – glad you enjoyed the concert : they are good aren’t they.
All the best
Simon Cooper

chris and nick 743
October 4 2010 Contributor: leigh

miss having you guys around were awesome and lank funny.when you come down next year you guys better come play at the thearte again.hope to see you two again soon!enjoy your last few weeks in cape town.have fun.leigh

Thanks 742
October 1 2010 Contributor: Niki

Hey guys- saw you live in Kalk Bay tonight. Not only was the music superb, I have never seen 2 people take such pleasure in the performance they were giving, nor take the time out to have a good laugh with the audience (I was the lady in the front having some trouble containing myself during your Keith Richards impression). Tonight it was a privilege to hear and see a band that has been so important to me through the years and got me through some really dark days. Chris, your humour, humility and creativity are and always have been an inspiration, and Nick your talent and passion for the band and are an asset. Thank you both so much! Niki

nick hall 741
October 1 2010 Contributor: kerry-lee

nick i think you and your voice are sure you get alot of that though since you so good looking.

Great stuff 740
September 30 2010 Contributor: JohnM

Enjoyed the music @ Barleycorn. So cool to see people who keep doing what they love year after year after year... without losing the passion.Keep it up!

akndc;lakjsndf 739
September 29 2010 Contributor: myles


A night at the Barleycorn. 738
September 28 2010 Contributor: Michael Whare

Hi Chris and Nick,
I Truly enjoyed your performance last night . It is so good to know that acoustic music , is still so popular and well supported.Enjoy your stay in South Africa.
Cheers, Mike

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