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wild horses 737
September 19 2010 Contributor: pippa leavy

I remember making up a dance routine to audition for the Kid Kompany in Toronto, I loved that song and it got me in..I looked for it on the discography...but most of the music is from the 90's on.....bring on the old school!!!
Micheal Leavy"s girl!!!

Excited! 736
September 17 2010 Contributor: Jethro

I grew up listening to your music, probably one of your younger fans (age 20). I did not think I'd ever have the opportunity to see you live. My parents had records, cds, tapes. Lord of the Ages, best ever!

September 17 2010 Contributor: vivian johns

It was back sometime in 79 or thereabouts when you guys played at Calcutta at St Xavier's college auditorium. I think that was a TURNING POINT FOR MANY HERE including me. Today the Dean of Arts - Bertie D'silva is a super accomplished musician who shuns publicity but check him out on the net. Thank you for the Music though it is hard to come by in these parts of the world! An era wholeheartedly appreciated.Am luck to live during the times. Thanks once again.

contact 734
September 7 2010 Contributor: Russ

Hi Chris
Glad to see you up and running and spreading your music across the world again. Hope you have another great tour of Africa and would be pleased to hear from you when you can. I think I must be one of your oldest meaning longstanding!) fans and friends. My God! it must be over forty years, almost in at the birth! Must arrange our promised meet up to
chew over the fat and rattle some ghosts. Take care Chris, be careful, be happy and contact me when you can.

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