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Toni's Place Port Elizabeth 748
October 10 2010 Contributor: Patsy

Dear Chris, if ever a memory or emotion could be caught up in a melody... You've nailed it! Your performance held me captive and completely mezmerised for two wounderful shows. I won't forget "repetoire" and hopefully this time, I'll manage to track down Lord of the Ages. To young Nick - what a wounderful talent and stage personality - a true assit. What a priviladge to have met the two of you. If ever you feel the need for a quiet RSA rest - our farm welcomes you....
Regards Patsy

Back to Memorylane 747
October 8 2010 Contributor: Frans van Jaarsveld

Best Chris & Nick, what a great honor to attend your show in George, South Africa on 5 October 2010, memories of yesteryear made me dwell amongst the stars of heaven, since me young days Lord of the Ages were engraved on the tablet of my soul, it kept me strong so many times, so many times. I live at Victoriabay just outside George, its not only my place but yours if ever you come down here again. How magic life proofed by your humbleness, a lesson as to understand it doesnt matter what material things you loose in life, its the lyrics of hope, enternity, your soul, what thy carry in thy heart thats everlasting, your`e destined for heaven`s band one day Chris be assured. I bought your cd and book, man I`m still laughing about that incident where the guys has rum & black and the Dog Collar saying... ''thy shall not...'' thanks Chris you made my entire life so beautiful. Frans

Thanks for the memories! 746
October 7 2010 Contributor: Marilyn Francis

Hi Chris, it was lovely to see you again after 46 years! Remember my 21st party in Esher before you were even Magna Carta, just Chris and Forbes. I still have a 45 of Empty Little Shadow. Helen will be thrilled to hear I have seen you again. What alot of water under our bridges! We loved the show and think Nick is really great. Seamus (the white haired guy) was totally ecstatic, he even sent me an email!All the best Marilyn

Let's talk about good music 745
October 6 2010 Contributor: bobkomas

I love music like "Queen". What about you?

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