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memories 733
August 30 2010 Contributor: Pi-Qui

I was really young when I heard Lord of the Ages. I was in love with the song from the first moment. After another 36 years I heard the song again. It is still a song that is actual. Love&Happiness Pi-Qui

"Seasons" 732
August 30 2010 Contributor: Linda Nicol(Glover)

Hi Magna Carter - I designed one of your first covers on the Vertigo label called "Seasons". I also designed the original "Swirl" Vertigo logo back in 1969 - just thought you'd like to know!
Luv - Linda

August 11 2010 Contributor: Ed Schoolmeesters

Have very fond memories of your album Lord of the Ages and its magnificent title song.
I attended your show in the saeventies in Roermond the Netherlands, the song Lord of the Ages..... A MASTERPIECE!!

Hi Chris 730
August 4 2010 Contributor: John Shepard

Chris, just happened to find your website and saw the sad news about your Mum. I didn't know 'till now, but please accept my belated condolences. I was lucky enough to meet her a few times and I know what she meant to you. Mighty fine lady. Anyway I'm glad to see you're still out there giving 'em hell, and Linda's moving forward too.. You know I hold some very fond memories of our times together, as a musician you both taught me a lot, and as a friend you taught me how to laugh, really bloody laugh... So take care, happy trails, you need me to play you know where I am.
Much love amigos, John (Bash)

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