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Happy Memories 1499
February 23 2017 Contributor: Davie

Greetings from an ancient friend who remembers the music you and the rest of your rock group generated in 1963/4 at the 'Dog Kennel Hill' gigs at the Rugby Club. I also remember you showing me basic guitar chord sets whilst living in college hall rooms. Where has the past 50 years gone? Do you have any memories of this period and the people? Davie.

martin's cafe 1497
January 23 2017 Contributor: stefan spiekman

Hello Chris and the band,
Hope you're doing well. I've been lucky to see you live once, here in Holland. Even got my lp signed and had a chat. Really lovely. Since 'mixed up sensations' and 'old man' belong to my favourite songs of yours, I was wondering about the lp Martin's Cafe. That cover is so very cool. But I was wondering, where actually is this cafe? And what's the story behind this great 70's photograph. Were you waiting for the gig, or just went there for a drink and a fag or something? Greetings and all the best, Stefan, 34, Holland (Coevorden)

A return to good health for 2017!!! 1496
January 21 2017 Contributor: Algy Kazlauciunas

Sorry to hear about your health issues Chris - here's to a speedy recovery old mate.
Going to see the Martin Barre Band tonight at Ripley Blues - hopefully catch a few Jethro Tull tunes!!
I see that you are booked their in September - catch you then if not before.

health 1495
January 15 2017 Contributor: Alan Nicholson

Hi Chris. Hope you are overcoming health issues.Take care mate

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