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hey yorkshire pudding 781
February 16 2011 Contributor: rolf

Ive been back in Wales a while,would be nice to have a jay.
My tel #01974-202193,its in west Wales.
Give my best,to Linda,Lee,John, etc,etc,etc
fleas and shove Rolf.
ps,ive stuck to the guitar,and have 3 cds to date,whoda thunk it,take care

The final Album? 780
February 15 2011 Contributor: Jan Mooij

In a brochure of the 40 years celebrating in Carre/Holland is mentioned that a final album would be released. Is there still a plan to release this album or is it already available?

Midnight Blue 779
February 11 2011 Contributor: Algy Kazlauciunas

Just to say once again Chris what an excellent compilation of songs - the perfect balance of studio and live performances. Brill.

I have many years of Magna in my head!! 778
February 2 2011 Contributor: Tony Cox

As you know I have been "with you" since the beginning in Cambridge. You have brought me more than I can put in words over all those years, fantastic peace of mind. Your music has had a very comforting and enveloping effect bringing me so much happiness and enjoyment. Please do more. In UK. Love to meet you again some time.

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