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Great Music 817
April 7 2011 Contributor: Martin

Hi, I found your CD "Time for Leaving" in a big Supermarket. I`ve not known your band or music before. After I`ve heard it several times, I must say great music and great live recordings. Who plays the Saxophone on this CD?

Greetings from Germany

Add me to the mailing list ? 816
April 6 2011 Contributor: Tony Benham

Please add me to the mailing list.

remember me? 815
April 5 2011 Contributor: Reg Balmer!

Hi Chris - just had a letter from Pat Davies (drums - Syndicate) reminding me of old times. You must be pretty much as old as I am now! How you doin? Cheers Reg

Hi 813
March 31 2011 Contributor: Helen Rowe

Saw you on several beaches in Zante,then in Bedford and around. Have now been married for 23 years and am fully retired with the intention of travelling and persuing our hobbies. Love music, theatre, wining and dining.

Hope all well with you. Are you going to play The Stables again?

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