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Early Days 834
June 9 2011 Contributor: Dave Voyde

Hi Chris,
Remember me, possibly your first recording engineer at Phillips Studios Marble Arch. Still listen to your music from then, never realised how lasting it would become. Please pass on my best wishes to anyone who might remember me.
Have been living in New Zealand for past 30 years.
Best Wishes,

SA 832
June 1 2011 Contributor: Mags de Jager

Will you be coming back to SA? Would love to hear your music again.

Mailing list 830
May 26 2011 Contributor: Charlie Barber

I'd like to join the mailing list

Still with you after all this years... 829
May 22 2011 Contributor: Claude-Edouard Crampes

Everytime I'm listening to you, I'm feeling 30 years yuuuunger
Tanks again...
The Frog from Colchester.

1969 826
May 9 2011 Contributor: John Innes

In 1969 I saw Magna Carta on a chidrens tv programme (from Granada I think) I was so impressed myself and friends went to see the band at Cellar Folk Bournbrook Birmingham(which was run by a young Jasper Carrot!). They were excellent live and led me into a life of live gigs and beer.I am going into the loft to get their first LP out and play it again.

mailinglist 822
April 22 2011 Contributor: Rob de Klerk

Please add me to the mailinglist

Thanks for info 821
April 15 2011 Contributor: jonkraftsmall

Thanks for info

Great Music 817
April 7 2011 Contributor: Martin

Hi, I found your CD "Time for Leaving" in a big Supermarket. I`ve not known your band or music before. After I`ve heard it several times, I must say great music and great live recordings. Who plays the Saxophone on this CD?

Greetings from Germany

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