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Fantastyval 888
July 18 2011 Contributor: Sanne & Martijn

Dear Chris & Nick,

Thanks again for the excellent performance at the Fantastyval at Wouwse Plantage last Saturday! Despite the weather we had a great time. It's not every day you have one of your favourite bands performing with only about fifteen people there to join you in the audience...
And thanks again for signing my book. It'll get a special place on my bookshelve. :)
We'll be sure to get tickets for one of your shows this Autumn.

Lots of love,

Sanne (a.k.a. the girl in the pink coat) & Martijn

P.S. If you are interested in some very crappy footage (I filmed it with my photo camera) of you performing background music for a firebreather (which we found quite hilarious, though it was too bad you couldn't play more of your own songs), just let me know where I can sent it to.

I saw you in Yemen in the 80's 878
July 12 2011 Contributor: Sharon Ritchie-Simmons

I saw you in Yemen in the 80's. I wondered if you were a figment of a young girls imagination! but your website says you did a tour sponsored by the British Council. My mom worked for the british embassy and I think I would have been about 12 or 13.

I remember you asking us if we knew what the magna carta was and we all looked blank. We were learning american history in international schools as we trekked the globe and had learned very little about british history.

I hope you are doing well- it was exciting when you came to Yemen as not much happened there! I was curious what objective the british council had by helping with your tour. Was it to bring a bit of joy to stranded expats? or were you trying to reach local audiences?

Kind wishes, Sharon

Happy to join you hear 874
July 10 2011 Contributor: WiltonPonting

I'm here to say hello to each guy.
Pleased to meet you hear.

I'm here to say hello to everyone 873
July 7 2011 Contributor: RodgerDebruler

Hello everyone.
Have a great day.

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