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Guest Book

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Thank you for visiting. Please feel free to sign the guestbook.

I'm here to say hello to everyone 873
July 7 2011 Contributor: RodgerDebruler

Hello everyone.
Have a great day.

add me to mailing list 868
July 6 2011 Contributor: Tom Arvidsson

Hi, I've been listening since "Time for the leaving" was first recorded...

Hello! I am a new member here! 860
July 3 2011 Contributor: Mutata Adebowale

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to come in and say hi and hope you are all having a very blessed day. I will be reading a few of your comments and hope to learn from you all and in time will give back to this community.

What up! 853
June 24 2011 Contributor: nabsbeegots

Just wanted to introduce myself to the board. Im a 68 year old retired mechanic. I worked on cars all my life and never thought I'd have time for a family. Hoping to make a few friends on here.

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