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Wastie's Orchard 978
September 14 2011 Contributor: Kate

I'm curious. What was the inspiration for the name of your album 'Songs from Wastie's Orchard'?

A occasional words hither me 976
September 13 2011 Contributor: Gompert183

I love the openness of the countryside and how quiet it is at tenebriousness time..I've do to rise this more after living in a big apple in America :)

guest book entries 952
August 26 2011 Contributor: webmaster

Dear people. Please note that ALL spam messages will be deleted automatically (or manually if necessary; each message is monitored by the webmaster!). So spare your efforts and don't use this Guest Book for your spam messages. They are NOT welcome here! And as you can see, they will either not appear at all or will be deleted soon!

Thank you!

The webmaster

2nd novel 940
August 18 2011 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

Chris--after too long I have finished my second novel--and I have used your words for the intro page! Thanks again for that wonderful Canadian hug!

Bill Golembeski

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