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We met Linda! 1179
February 15 2012 Contributor: penny Hewitt & Andy Smith

Hi, just a quickie to say that Linda came to our little open mic/jam night last night & she was sensational with Ulrika! Looking forward to meeting them again in June.
Best wishes from the landlords of the Barge & Barrel, Tipton

memories 1173
February 7 2012 Contributor: don clark

hi chris do you remember a band called pauls troubles in the 60s, iwas the bass player in that band, we recorded you,ll find out in a studio in clapham regards don

Happy New Year! 1154
January 20 2012 Contributor: DisedadaCruse

Good evening!
Happy New Year!
Health, luck and love!

GIGS 1140
January 9 2012 Contributor: Alan Nicholson

Hi Chris

Life long fan, are you planning any gigs in NE England
Love to see you

time for the leavin 1130
December 29 2011 Contributor: clo

hi, a friend of mine from italy found the lyrics for yr song 'time for the leavin' on totaltabs, but they don't seem to be correct. could you pls help him. thanks and i wish you all a happy new year

New Year 1127
December 28 2011 Contributor: Trevor and Moira

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year and hope to see you folks playing again in East London (South Africa). It was a great show at the Nahoon Lifesavers Shack when you were here last time! Take care!!

Merry Christmas Chris 1124
December 23 2011 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

I'm listening to Wasties...Dec 23. Merry Christmas Chris! I will always love your music. My 2nd novel is out...The Gospel According to Dara. Dara--in Gaelic means wisdom and compassion.

I have used your words to preface the book.

So thanks, and have a nice Christmas.

Bill Golembeski

HI 1122
December 23 2011 Contributor: sorpReskrer

Whoever your mother in law is- she is one lucky mother!

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