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Just a heartfelt thanks! 1019
October 15 2011 Contributor: Jason Twell

The title says it all - just a heartfelt thanks to Chris and the members of Magna Carta over the years for some excellent songs, with brilliant arrangements. Thanks!
From a (very) amateur singer/guitarist/songwriter.

Fantastic 1017
October 15 2011 Contributor: Karin van der Voorn

Thanks Chris, George and laurens for a fantasic concert in Maassluis I loved it so much ... special after the concert up in the theatercafe... We had a great time and chris my husband is still in love with your gitar... thank you for let him play on it

Concert in Ekehaar sundayafternoon oct. 16th 1012
October 10 2011 Contributor: Jan Hesseling

This will be the first time to hear and see Magna Carta. It is a shame but I'm lucky to have the opportunity now, even after your farewellconcert in Carré. Having read the critics about your tour up till now I am sure that we will have a fine afternoon.
See you there.

Concert Beauforthuis 1009
October 7 2011 Contributor: Octavia

Dear Chris, George and Laurens,

The concert in the Beauforthuis was great! Beautiful songs, and the guitarmusic is great. And Laurens is a multi-instrumentalist first class!
The athmosphere and fun made it an evening never to forget!

Fields of Eden is still very beautiful, with the great voice from Andrew. It suits so very well.

Music lovers, i also say: don\'t miss this concert, you will love it.

Kind regards Henk & Octavia

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