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Almost 40 years 1052
November 3 2011 Contributor: Wim Tummers

Hello Chris.

It was in '73 that I heard a song which would change my life.
The minute I heard it, I knew, that this was it.
It was “Wish It Was” and I still love it like the first day, and yet
it was only the beginning of even greater love.
Since the 70's I love to hear your music, over and over again.
Thank you for the music you gave and give to the world.
Now I saw you for the third time live (October 29 in Heerlen),
and I hope I will see you again with your wonderful music.

Thank you for all those years and all those songs.
I love you,
Wim Tummers, Holland / Germany.

Nice to meet you, everybody 1051
November 3 2011 Contributor: ckusernamei7

I am a newbie here! I would like to be comprised of c concoct common-sensical friends, compress virgin ideas and learn more knowledge. Bring forward you whim to equal's stipulation me here!

concert heerlen 1045
October 31 2011 Contributor: ton en margriet timmermans

loved your concert @ the parkstad theater heerlen,
keep the music alive!
greetings ton & margriet.

Concert in 't Pand Gorinchem 1043
October 31 2011 Contributor: Jan van Maastricht

Hi Chris, George, Laurens thanks for the great concert at 21 october in Gorinchem ! We there with 7 people and all enjoyed it very much. Really good to see how it worked out between the three of you, two "older" guys and a young guy, it all came together. Also thanks for the contribution of Jenny and Hans. Please come back again next year.

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