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Concert in 't Pand Gorinchem 1043
October 31 2011 Contributor: Jan van Maastricht

Hi Chris, George, Laurens thanks for the great concert at 21 october in Gorinchem ! We there with 7 people and all enjoyed it very much. Really good to see how it worked out between the three of you, two "older" guys and a young guy, it all came together. Also thanks for the contribution of Jenny and Hans. Please come back again next year.

Whats up all! 1038
October 28 2011 Contributor: CrearceKext

hey i made it! i am a little shy, yes even on the internet so i never posted but i decided after 4 long months of being here to finally say hey!

More concerts 1036
October 27 2011 Contributor: Hidde

I just found out that you guys are still performing; I had no idea! Please tell me that you'll update the performance dates on the calander soon, because i will totally be there!

evening Zevenaar 1034
October 24 2011 Contributor: Hans and Marjo van Berkel

Dear Chris,George,Laurens and Jenny.
Thank you for the beautiful evening . We didn't know magna carta at all. We heard about it from friends. You are great, the songs and the music . We liked especially th esecond song "been a long time running " , also while Laurens was playing so well his mandolin. It was a beautiful "bluegrass song" Also the song New european Blues, a swing nummer with that very specially mandolin music. But we also want to thank the organisation of the Lantaern , it is good to see what volonteers can do ,a nice friendly place , fine chairs ans friendly people helping to make it a nice evening.

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