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Contact 1093
December 3 2011 Contributor: Jo

Hi Chris,
Have lost your contact details. Am back at address that you had before (fom Leek) if you still have it; if not please get in touch via email or FB. Could spit paw-paw pips that we missed your Manchester gig.
Hope you're a well and happy chappy.

Inspiration 1077
November 21 2011 Contributor: Awi

Hi there!

Im Awid! I am 22 years old and i always listen to your music! I like your sound and your skills on the guitar ^^! The first track what i heard of Magna Carta was Lord of the Ages and at this moment i used to listen to your sound more and more! I live in Memmingen, Bavarian and a my friends Dad has told me about you! He has see you Live in Memmingen but i dont know the year when it was! I hope that can play in few years some tracks in you style and it would be nice if you can show some Notes or Chords for the community! In friendly Greetz Awid

remember me ? 1068
November 16 2011 Contributor: Marcel de Wit

Hello mr. Simpson. We met at 'De Boerderij' in Hausen (Huizen) and afterwards had a nice conversation, also about the awesome new track with (in the future) the voice of Patrick Stewart !!! You thought about inviting me, remember ? Sorry I contact you this late (for everything there's a reason).

New HERE! 1053
November 4 2011 Contributor: Rhyshendrixa

Hi guys im new here #homepage happy to be a part of your community!

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