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beautiful gig in Zevenaar 1033
October 23 2011 Contributor: Alex

Thank you for a beautiful evening in de lantaern in Zevenaar.

Last night in Gorinchem 1031
October 22 2011 Contributor: Danny en Lenie

What a wonderful evening it was in 't Pand last night and this shows there's still (a lot of)live in TWO old dogs. Also Laurens although much younger ;-) fits in perfectly.
This sounds like the old Magna from the seventies. Beautiful songs, lots of fun, plus two surprises: (a song by George and his Jenny and Hans Veen on Chris's new guitar)
We're looking forward to the next tour!! D&L

Schuurkerk theater 1025
October 18 2011 Contributor: Anton van de Merwe

Hi Chris, George and Laurens. Thanks for that great night in the Schuurkerk theater and we especially your spontaneous encore at the theater bar. Another nice tour and we wanted to see you. Best regards Anton.

Gweldige samenwerking Ekehaar 1022
October 17 2011 Contributor: Martin Veenstra

Dear Chris, George and Laurens

In my many years as a stage technician was again a great intimate experience of music performances.
Except linked monitors and a broken cable, I am glad that everything was successful. I sure hope you meet again.
Chris, will you shake my hand back pass to Patrick Stewart? I'm a big fan of his. He knows me not, of course, but that's how he would even know the name of a simple scene technician from the gate of the theater Ekehaar Dam.


Martin Veenstra Gasselternijveen Holland

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