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Lee Abbott 1210
March 6 2012 Contributor: Lizzie

Dear Chris,
So sorry and sad to hear about Lee Abbott passing away. I have known him for more than 30 years and he was a nice man and a great bass player. And as Tom writes it was good to see him at the Carre, still the great bass player that he was.
Love Lizzie & Henk

Gigs 1208
March 3 2012 Contributor: Andrew

Hi Chris
Discovered your music a couple of years ago and emailed you at the time. I'm from huddersfield but moved to Stirling in Scotland in 2006. Any chance of you playing up here or near here anytime ?

Meeting with Cris ans Linda in Holland 1205
March 1 2012 Contributor: Frits Leithuijser

Daer Chris and Linda, we deed meet in my cafe in Eindhoven in about 1990, you played in my cafe in Eindhoven on an evening on your tour in Holland at that time. I do have the record signed by all of the benadmebers at that time! And of course I
still remember your marvellous gig in my cafe in Eindhoven.
After a long time of great fysical illnes now I am back in the (folk-)business and I am trying to bring the folkmusic on the stage where it belongs. Perhaps it can be possible to arrange that we can do some business together. I can arrange a number of gigs in Hollamd and Belgium, within a few radio and or Tv performances. If yoy have indeas and/or suggestions or so, let me know. My company, Interbrabant Entertainment Service BV can do al lot of ood things for you. I do hope tp heat something from you and Linda.
Best whishes and greetings from drs. Frits Leithuijser.

Thanks!!!From Argentina 1198
February 25 2012 Contributor: Emanuel

I LOVE HIS SONG!! PLEASE SUD AMERICA TOUR :D I dream whit his music, bless i love!

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