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Congrats 1261
June 5 2012 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

I wish you years of love! Chris! I am so lucky! My wife--Amy--who is the "girl next door"(we were raised a block apart!) and I have been married for almost 30 years. We have spent the last year in each other's "pocket"--our first year of retirement. Amy spins and knits--I write books! We both garden! So I wish you the same love! I can't wait until the next album. As always--love your music!

Bill Golembeski

well.... 1258
May 9 2012 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

That's GOOD LUCK to YOU!

Bill G.

Congrats! 1257
May 9 2012 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

I have been married for 30 years! Love trumps all!

Goog luck to yoou!

Otra vez gracias 1247
April 22 2012 Contributor: emaa

Perdon si escribo en castellano,pero no se expresarme en ingles, vuelvo a agradecer sus melodias con el fin de que se acerquen un poquito a argentina.. yo no se llegar a SudAfrica.. pero hare lo posible por verlos actuar. Me teletransportan a lo mejor de mi ser, GRACIAS POR SER COMO SON

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