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Way back 1289
August 30 2012 Contributor: Russ

Congrats on reaching 70 Chris - nearly caught me! First met in Peter Rice's office in '69 -that makes 43 years old friend. Remember those heady days (and nights) when we were young and vital? The van drive up to Coventry at Xmas, the canoe trips at Bourne End, the flat at N13, great gigs at the Hop Poles. Happy, happy days Chris. Must meet up and talk over them,soon. We're not getting younger! Love and best , as ever

Lord of the Ages ..... 1285
August 4 2012 Contributor: Georges RISCHETTE

Chris, it's me again ! You had a wonderful idea for 2013 and we absolutely must talk about.

Magna Carta @ Beaufort Castle ! 1284
August 3 2012 Contributor: Georges RISCHETTE

What a great Show it was ! Thank you so much Chris, Wendy and George for the wonderful moments we hat the privilege to live together with you @ Beaufort Castle Rock Classics. Thanks for the memorable nights in the Tower with our good old luxemburgish Crémant ! It was amazing. Hope to see you back soon.
Georges Rischette

Befort : thank you for the musik :-) 1283
July 20 2012 Contributor: Martine Wielkowolsky

Thank you for a very pleasant concert in Befort on july 19th.
Good to see that "shortly" after last century's past and gone 7oties, we now go for the real and roaring 70ties and keep on rolling!!! You make us hope :-)))

Happy birthday! 1281
July 20 2012 Contributor: Marc

Hi Chris, it was great meeting you and your friends in Beaufort. Thanks for the nice time we spent together, and all the best for your 70th!

Marc, the photographer

Happy Birthday! 1279
July 13 2012 Contributor: Big G and Little G

We meant to send you a postcard (as opposed to a birthday card!), but missed the post yesterday so too late! So, we hope this finds you before the end of your special day. Happy 70th Chris! Love Big G and Little G. x P.S. Mini and Micro G also send their best wishes!

Congratulations 1278
July 13 2012 Contributor: Ruubs

Dear Chris!
A very happy new year to you! 70, what a milestone!
Lots of love,
Ruubs & Willemien & the boys

70 ?? You must be bl**dy joking !! 1277
July 12 2012 Contributor: coops

After 40 years of "listening to the man" I still think of him singing in Tring and Wavenden all those years ago !! Thank you for your contribution to my life Chris and for opening my mind to beautiful lyrics and music. Happy birthday !!

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