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Surfing foo 1299
October 20 2012 Contributor: Kurt Mariano

Hi Laurens much mahalo for the NIght out... you guys Rock..

I will let you know when I plan my visit back to Hawaii.... Will be awesome to hook up there..

your groupie and friend


Can't believe 1298
October 19 2012 Contributor: Andy Hardy

Hi Chris
Can't beleive your still touring.
Good luck
Andy (The Bugger Tour)

Time for a drink? 1296
October 6 2012 Contributor: Alan Coulter

Timing never was my thing. Happy birthday and congrats re wedding.

Magic Sound 1294
October 4 2012 Contributor: Peter Phillips

Hi Chris,
I really enjoyed your show at the Barleycorn at the Villagers Rugby Club in Cape Town on the 1st October. I also found the last piece of the Magna Carta puzzle, the CD "No Truth In The Rumour". My puzzle is now complete, I've now got every Magna Carta piece. Your frequent trips to South Africa remind me of my frequent trips to the UK, particulairly the Lake District.Yes I agree with you, it only rains in the UK in summer occasionally. Happy touring. Peter

re: Face to a name ...... 1293
September 30 2012 Contributor: Laura Culwick

Hi Chris

I can finally put a face to your name! Heard the cd's and dvds got to where they should of been phew.... Good Luck with your tour. Love and best wishes, Laura xx

Performance @ Burntwood early 70s 1292
September 18 2012 Contributor: Dave Edwards

Sorry Mr Birch, the guy with the voice on that concert would have been Glen Stuart & the other guitar player Davey Johnstone (of Elton John fame) I was at that concert too, great!!!

General 1291
September 7 2012 Contributor: michael birch

I saw Magna Carta live at the Burntwood recreation centre near lichfield around 1972 1973.and bought the album Seasons which is a masterpiece.Whatever became of Lyall Tranter he had an amazing voice.

Chris 70th birthday 1290
August 30 2012 Contributor: Jorge

Happy Birthday Chris! From now on I will never forget your birth date, since it is the same of my wife's: 13th of July!I am still waiting for your performance here in Portugal and I hope it happens soon!

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