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Stompin`Cowboy 1315
December 25 2012 Contributor: Fred from Switzerland (Stompin`Cowboy..)

Hy Chris,
thank you very much for the christmas card! I often listening your music and I`m playing with my friend Rolf and Christopher also music you made. I`m sure I can organise a concert in my country with you again. MAGNA CARTA is now you and ?
Hope to hear from you soon. Wish you a good time!

Thanks, Chris! 1314
December 20 2012 Contributor: Bill Golembeski

Youe X-mas card came today. What a wonderful surprise. I still think often about your Yorkshire hug as we met in Canada. I still listen to all of your music. It's such a part of my life. I have written a third novel--Always Tip the Prophet. I spend hours with my setters in the back yard--often humming "Goin' My Way." Have a nice Christmas

winter 1313
December 13 2012 Contributor: Les and Sue--Tring

oh if only the young of today could see frost on the inside of windows and get ready for school under the covers!! We down south here can still remember the smell and the pattern on the ceiling of a parrafin heater but we were the lucky ones.Yes another year passes but make the most of the next one and come south of the Watford gap sometime!!!
p.s The Rose and Crown Hotel in Tring is closed and turning into appartments or something--sacrilage
Merry Christmas to you and Kathy from Tring

I cant believe I missed your SA tour. 1312
November 22 2012 Contributor: Kegan

Hey guys, awesome to see you are still touring. I have your Seasons album on vinyl and love the album. I listen to it regularly. I was surfing the net doing some reading about you guys when I saw that you had just wrapped up a tour of SouthAAfrica in my birthday month,.....and I was not aware you guys were here.

I'm sad I missed it,

Keep well, until next time.


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