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Zante 1400
May 18 2014 Contributor: Helen Rowe

I am so very disappointed not to be able to go to Grassington, we will have literally just returned from touring Europe, so wouldn't have time to get to The Yorkshire Dales. Haven't seen Chris since 1987, so it would have been great to have caught up, having first met him on Zante in 1977. I know that the gig will be amazing and I'm really looking forward to adding the new recording to my collection. let's hope you're tempted to do one more performance down south. Best wishes

music 1398
April 29 2014 Contributor: andrew hodgson

Im only 26 i remember my dad listening to your records when i was little and i cant stop listening to your music. I Its fantastic i will pass this music to my children and hope they enjoy it as much as i do. Keep it up.

Grassington Festival 1397
April 11 2014 Contributor: Steve Hambleton

Just got our tickets for the concert on 14th June. Really looking forward to hearing songs from the new album played live and meeting some old friends. Can't wait for 14th June to come round, 9 weeks and counting

Fields of Eden - New Album 1396
March 21 2014 Contributor: Steve Hambleton

This evening I was privileged to be at Soundworks Studios in Leeds to attend a preview playing of the new Magna Carta album, which the band have just recently finished recording. What a masterpiece with some great new tracks, a superb extended Fields of Eden and closing with a great new arrangement of Wild Geese. Many thanks Chris for inviting me and I can't wait for the release of the album to get my copy.

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