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From the Albert Hall to Burnsall 1407
June 16 2014 Contributor: AlanE

'What goes around comes around'

It was excellent to be able to get a copy of the RAH concert CD last Saturday at Burnsall.

I was at the Royal Albert Hall in 1971 to see THAT concert and by strange coincidence there again last Friday evening to see something else before heading up to Yorkshire.

So it really did seem that 'All has nearly turned full circle'

Thanks for the concert and for the memories, Dream Maker.

Burnsall Gig 1405
June 15 2014 Contributor: Algy Kaz.

Cheers Chris and the Band for an excellent nights music. Great to see that you have knocked Fields of Eden into a really fantastic piece of work. Good luck with the two CD's, they both deserve attention.
Algy K.

Burnsall Gig - what a night 1404
June 15 2014 Contributor: Steve Hambleton

Just a great privilege to have been there. There are not enough superlatives to do justice to the quality of the music, the performance and the great musicians surrounding Chris, including a great new bass player, just 17 years old. This band should definitely do a Yorkshire and UK tour of Fields of Eden. Thank you to all concerned with the gig and thank you to Grassington Festival fir bringing Magna Carta back to their beloved Dales.

Superb evening at Burnsall 1403
June 15 2014 Contributor: Tony

Great to see Chris and the band back at Grassington Festival. I never thought it would happen again. And in such spectacular form. Enthralling. So much talent and passion for the music. It was a privilege to be there and PLEASE come back next year.

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