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Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1414
August 16 2014 Contributor: Phil Gardner

Having been a fan of Magna Carta for over 40 years this CD was a must have. Although I have most of the tracks on various CDs hearing them live in the setting of the Royal Albert Hall is wonderful. Whilst the heavily orchestrated version of Seasons is a bit of a shock, if you sit back, close your eyes and visualise MC and the orchestra in the Albert Hall then it works, in fact some parts are enhanced by the orchestral backing, especially Spring. The quality of the recording is brilliant and well done to Chris for working so hard to get hold of these recordings and allowing us all to hear this magical concert.

Beginning of times 1413
August 12 2014 Contributor: Carlijn

Since my beginning of time (Born in 76) i grew up with your music. Now as i'm pregnant so will my child. Lord of the ages is my favorite album of all times.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1412
July 29 2014 Contributor: Phil Hampton

What a great album. Given the build up to it's release I was a little nervous as to whether it would be as good as I was hoping. No need to worry, it is an absolute gem.

Seasons is amazing, I would love to hear a studio recording of this version, it would sound fantastic. With the technology available today I am sure it would be possible to add the orchestrations to the original and expand accordingly. (It would certainly keep some musical boffin gainfully employed for a while if nothing else).

Chris Simpson should be a superstar and this album proves it.

Grassington concert 1409
June 21 2014 Contributor: Peter and Roelie Herweijer

So sorry we couldn't be present that evening! Reading the great reviews makes it even more difficult.

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